Moe Moe's Rescue of the Rockies

We believe that our pets rescue us as much as we rescue them, no matter if they are homeless or shelter animals that have been deemed “unadoptable.” They have ran out of time where they are and most times, there is no one willing to give them the time and extra attention they need. That is where Moe Moe’s comes in. Whether placing pets in foster homes or forever homes, our role as “matchmaker” is one we take seriously.
It’s about giving animals and people the chance to connect and form a lifelong loving relationship. This rescue is not just about preventing needless death. It’s about creating a life worth living. To us, being a rescuer means more than just saving lives. It means making things better, for the animal as well as the owner. And we believe that all animals deserve a chance whether they are puppies ready to take on life, seniors in their golden years, or special needs animals needing medical care.
So when we are asked why we save the animals we save, our answer is simple, “Where There Is Love There Is Life”.